Reading Slumps: Tips and Advice

We’ve all been there. The ever-growing TBR list, and you don’t feel like reading. Slumps are the worst! Today I am going to share what I do during slumps, what helps me get out of slumps, and some ideas for fun, fast-paced, short books that may help you get out of your reading slump.

Part I: Feeling A Reading Slump Coming On

Sometimes I can crush a slump before it comes in to full swing. Maybe I’ve neglected my current read for a few days, and I am feeling somewhat unmotivated. At this point, I’ll try to read extra and get myself immersed in the story I’m reading. Usually if I can really get interested in my current read, I’ve been able to stop the oncoming slump.

Part II: The Slump Has Come. What Do I Do? (My #1 tip)

You just can’t seem to pick up a book and read. My #1 tip for reading slumps? DON’T READ. Don’t force yourself to sludge through a book when you don’t feel like it.

Why? Because usually you’ll end up not liking a book because you forced yourself to read it. Maybe, if you read it when you felt like it, you would’ve loved the book.

Part III: Tip #2 and Book Recommendations

If you’re the person that insists on forcing yourself to read during a slump, then I’ve decided to leave links to some fast paced, light, and fun books. Hopefully you can buy one of these, and get yourself out of the slump!

The first book I recommend is The Selection by Kiera Cass. This book is the first in a very fun, fast paced trilogy. It is not a very long book, and the story moves along very quickly. I highly recommend it for a good read during a slump.




The Elite by Kiera Cass…second book in the Selection series. Once you’ve begun this series, you can’t stop.




The third and my favorite in the trilogy…the One by Kiera Cass!



Another book I recommend is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It’s about a girl named Cath who is just like you and me…a fangirl! Relatable and heart-warming, I recommend giving it a try.



The last book I have to recommend today is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. This is the definition of hilarious, fun, and fast moving. I highly recommend this for an anti-slump read.




I hope this helped someone! Let me know what book has gotten YOU out of a slump.


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